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About Me
About Me
Philipp (aka. tiny)

How old are you?
Born 1981

Where are you from?

What do you do for living?
I work as IT Consultant.

Since when are you in the Hobby?
1993 (with a 10 year gap)

How did you get into the Hobby?
During my school time I was all about Chess and Roleplaying. Getting into Warhammer was therefor a very natural step. My first contact with the Hobby was during an exchange programm in England. Short after I bought my first plastic and tin models for the sake of roleplaying, using the figures for a kind of Heroquest-styl gameplay. Not much after I had my first ever growing armies of High Elves and Chaos. I even went to some so called "tournaments" at that time, but after a school and city change I lost track. After some years of stareing at (or been stared at form) unpainted models I swapped them all for Magic cards. Time went by and Chess as well as Magic got my attention. Sometime later I had to realize I would only get better at Magic if I spend more money and I would only get better at Chess if I would start learing the opening variation by hard, so both were replaced by the Queen of all Strategie Games "Go". Go is still very much with me, but during my PhD I needed a Hobby which is less like my work as Computer Scientiest and accually helps me to give my mind some rest. I remembered all the grayish models which had been staring at me over years and got back into the Hobby. But this time I would only play with painted models. This time I would force myself painting. And so the big paiting begann. Now I am the owner of roughly 15k points of painted models (and still roughly 5k unpainted). Form time to time I even play with them. :)

Which armies do you play?
HE (20k), DL (20k), O&G (10k)

Why do you support the 9th Age project?
Because AoS is no game I am interested in and I don't need "unuseable" painted models in my closet either. Although I am not a tournament player and probably never will be, I am convinced that a more balanced game is a more enjoyable game. I am eager to help where I can to give players with T9A a new home.

What is your personal role in the 9th Age project team?
I am - like many others - a simple supporter. I am not envolved or even entitled to discuss about rule changes. I support where ever need be, so that the rule team can stay focused at making a good game even better. Starting with seting up the webpage and being the administrator, to making "news" announcements and keeping contact with the community and other supporters of the project.
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Aug 17th 1981 (42)
Frankfurt, Germany
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