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About Me
About Me
My name is Xavi, I'm Spanish and I live in a small village at the foot of the Mediterranean with a castle in the sea.

I started to buy and play Warhammer since I was 14, shortly after reading tLotR and the hobbit and being fascinated. I play mostly DH, I'm a real fan of the Nordic type dwarfs in any game, but I also try sometimes with ID and WDG. I have several small ones from other armies but I don't use them.

I'm really more dedicated to the craft aspect of the hobby, I spend more time riding and painting than playing. I'm too romantic in my games, I like theme lists, which work more in a narrative sense (at least in my head) and I prefer it to the overly competitive gameplay. That's why I like T9A, I think that a balanced gameplay benefits the theme game, since everything is equally competent.
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Aug 31st 1986 (36)