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About Me
About Me
My name in real life is Massimo ... CIUBO is the name of my dog.
50 years old, married, no child (I am the child)
I live in Italy very, very close to Bologna.
I joined the warhammer hobby two years ago, before I played many many games .. starting from Magic ... arriving to warhammer conques 40k.
I have two complete army: Dwarfs and High Elf .. all metal miniatures (vintage ... like me..) I hate plastic !

I decided to support The 9th Age project because ... it is an international project supported from players for player NO commercial interest... only interest is to HAVE FUN!

I am the coordinator of the Italian Translation Team
Personal Details
Jul 23rd 1965 (58)
Looking for Job
The 9th Age - Board Game - MOORPG - Soccer (do not know how long I could play it)