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About Me
About Me
My table top gaming began around 2003 when I started playing LoTR with friends. In 2005 I became a massive lover of WHF 7th and 8th edition until the very sad end to the great game. throughout the years I feel I perfected my painting and modelling skills however I probably can't say the same for my gaming skills. I unfortunately fell away from all aspects of the game following the close of 8th edition and packed my miniatures away. I also moved around Australia a lot for work which made it all the more difficult to pick up the game once again.

I have been a High Elf player from day one! I briefly built up and played some Empire and Dark Elves before selling both armies. Now that I am again somewhat settled it is the perfect time for me to get involved with T9A. with the start of the new age I will also look to recreate and re-theme my beloved High Elves.

Outside of gaming I am a Airline Pilot living in Australia. My other hobbies include anything sport mainly Cricket and Rugby League (the greatest game of all)!
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