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About Me
About Me
Olivier O'Brien

29 years old.

Born in Halifax, but currently living in Lethbridge, AB, out on the burnt brown prairies. I work as a research technician at an agricultural field research station.

I first became involved in tabletop RPGs as a teenager, before eventually moving on to tabletop war gaming in 2014 (maybe?) with the first edition KoW starter set. A few of those skeletons and zombies still grace my VC army. I have a soft spot for small scale rules, and I tend to collect rulebooks as well. I found 9th age through word of mouth a few years ago but only ever played a few scattered games. Then in late 2018 my local group was discussing what systems they would like to concentrate on and learn, 2.0 9th age came up, and its been all we have played since.

I first started painting sometime in the early 2010s, mostly miniatures for D&D. I still have the first miniatures I ever bought - the Otherworld armoured skeletons. I have never painted them because I don't think I'll be able to do them justice.

Currently I have been playing OnG, but I have KoE, EoS, SA, and VC armies painted, and have just started on a new DE army.

I support the 9th age because I think the idea of a rules system not beholden to any one company is a very interesting development, and good for the larger community of wargaming as a whole. Because it is a communal resource and tool, I want to do my part to keep it running.

I have been added on as part of the Background team, and I am looking forward to sharpening my short story and world building skills.
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109 Princeton Crescent W, Lethbridge, AB T1K 4S5, Canada
Research Technician
Painting, wargaming, RPGs