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About Me
About Me
About Me: Im 25 and happily married living in New Mexico, USA. I am a 4th year undergrad in physics with a concentration in optics. I love statistics. I do a lot of back of the hand calculations for fun so naturally theoryhammer is a hobby just as much as playing. Ive worked at a laboratory for the past 3 years and hope to continue working in that setting. I am highly opinionated but value comradery more than my opinion. If I ever offend you please let me know so I might do what I can to rebuild a relationship of mutual respect.

I play these armies: Saurian ancients and dread elves.

Why did I choose SA and DE?: I first got into modeling when I was 5 or 6. My older brother went on a vacation to Florida and naturally spent a day inside a games workshop store modeling and playing the Lord of the Rings miniatures game. He brought home the Last Alliance set and I had never seen anything cooler. We bought a heroes of the fellowship set together and I ended up getting Legolas. My fascination with elves has always been there. My favorite heroes of might and magic 3 faction was the rampart. My favorite book series was anything with drizzt do’orden. In every RPG from baldurs gate to D&D I played as an elf. It was a natural fit for me in warhammer 7th edition to choose the dark elves. As any dread elf player knows, when you assemble your first dread knights you immediately go look at the saurian ancients because dinosaurs are cool. I love my saurian ancients. Lost kingdom miniatures have made some of the best models I’ve seen and any support you can give them is great!

Hobbies Outside T9A: I watch starcraft 2 esports and age of empires 2 esports religiously. If you are interested in playing either of those with a friend feel free to pm me! I also play apex legends regularly and would love to game with anyone.

Why T9A is a blessing in my life:T9A is important to me because it is a unifying hobby between all my brothers. We all grew up modeling and playing tabletop. The hobby is much more than the rules to me. It is a bond between brothers.

Why I chose to volunteer: It’s partly the fault of all those amazing ACS we have in the de and sa forums. Ultimately it was Nerocrossius that gave me the final push I needed. After chatting with him one day I realized how much t9a meant to me and how much I feel I might be able to contribute to the project.

What I do: I am a rookie ACS for the Saurian Ancients.

General Apology: You may see me posting around sometimes. If I ever offend or come across as arrogant let me know and I’ll do my best rephrasing whatever it is I might have said. My primary goal in being active on the forum is to make friends with people who have similar interests as me. Everything else is secondary to this. I want the forums to be a kind, thought-provoking, engaging, and rewarding experience for everyone. If I get heated, which happens from time to time, know it is caused by my passion for the hobby and not a desire to argue. Cheers!!
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New Mexico, USA
Research Scientist Intern, Physics
T9A, Tinkering, Video Game Design, Pixel Art, Music Composing, Starcraft 2, Apex Legends, AoE2, MTG