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, Reading thread Rules: Short Question - Short Answer (2nd Edition, 2020)

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About Me
About Me
French, born 1985, currently living in Istanbul!

Dreamed about the hobby with Warhammer battle 5th edition (that epic starter box cover is a keeper!),

Got to start with High Elves 6th edition and later turned Chaos at 7th edition! Discovered T9A Turkish community in 2017 but got involved in 2018.

Discovered this forum, love the passion going on, decided to help (but I know I could do more!) And did my 1st ETC in 2019 Novi Sad! Discovered the community and almost decided to become a "pro" during the next few weeks... but did not.

I am a fierce WDG lover, but got seduced by their shorter cousins, so starting ID as well :)

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Oct 24th
Istanbul, Turkey