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About Me
About Me
We are the fighting Uruk-hai!

Involved in T9A through my husband @dslak. I like things that are small, active and conquering, like engineering technologies. Also weasels and stoats, which are ferocious carnivores and so cute.

Joining Saruman's original mission from Aule, to harness the power of engineering against the forces of darkness, inspires me. I call myself an Uruk of the White Hand because I love using resources no one else would, as part of elite organizations that require commitment. The White Hand is also a symbol of the Bastard, the god in Lois McMaster Bujold's World of the Five Gods fantasy universe that accepts offerings, souls and other things too tainted for the other gods.

I like to imagine that after the War of the Ring, Saruman's Uruk-hai sought Aule and became one of the Free Peoples. Aule "desired to make things...that should be new and unthought of by others, and delighted in the praise...but Aule remained faithful to Eru and...sought and gave counsel." On T9A, my goal is to show the intense scavenger-predator spirit of the Uruk-hai in harmony with the rest of the world and in its true light.
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Harlem, New York, NY, USA
Software Engineer
Blending the races of Orcs and Men by miscegenating with @dslak