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, lexicon article „Miniatures - Skeletons“

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About Me
About Me
I'm Konrad (Abrasus on BP forums, Randomus (;]) on T9A forums) and I've been playing T9A for the last few years extensively. My main army is ID, but I've flirted with DE, VC and DL as well. Played three times for Polish ETC team, all three times best scorer for the team. Won several big team tournaments, spent thousands of hours playing and thinking about the game. Last two years I worked for T9A Balancing Team. I recently quit playing the game on tournament level, but I still want to be able to contribute, hence the idea of creating a channel where I can help you understand the basic and advances tactics of T9A more and where I can do commentary about current rules. Apart for T9A, I've recently started PhD studies in Mathematics. My interests include bridge, economics and volleyball.
Plans for content type for now:
1) Inspecting lists from major events
2) Pimp my list
3) Armybook reviews
4) How to use unpopular units
5) Spicing up your UB games

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