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About Me
About Me
My gaming website: Agoners | | My gaming twitter: Agoners Gaming | | Contributor at: Collecting Green
Sheffield, UK | | My T9A Quickstarter Written Battle Reports Thread | | My Miniature Painting Gallery | | My T9A Painting Blog

I currently can play for T9A: Orcs & Goblins, Empire of Sonnstahl (QS only)

I've played miniature wargames since a young age, and I returned to "the hobby" in 2019 after approximately a decade off and found T9A... it fit quite a lot of what I'm looking for in a game! I've only played a few Quick Starter games so far, but want to play more in the future as I get back into this hobby.
In 2020 I was invited to join the Quick Starter Team here to try to help with that and try to get the rules to a more finished state - although being a brand new player this has some advantages and disadvantages with what I can help with the best.
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Sheffield, UK
Software Tester
NFL (Miami Dolphins), Videogames (Fighting games), Music & Clubbing (industrial, ebm, synthpop, retrosynthwave, goth)
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