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About Me
About Me
My name is Jobadiah Christiansen, recently turned 30 (still in denial about it). I live in Northeast Ohio, USA. I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and southern New Hampshire, always in small towns where I feel more comfortable with the USA. My day job is a federal contractor analyst, but I also volunteer for my church and a non-profit called Save Ancient Studies Alliance.

I was introduced to fantasy miniatures through a teacher at school, and started playing 6th / 7th edition Warhammer Fantasy in 7th grade with him, my brothers, and our friends. I started playing 9th Age at the beginning of 2019 and it drew me deeper into the hobby of fantasy miniatures. I play Sylvan Elves (my first love), Empire of Sonnstahl (current love), Kingdom of Equitaine (more of an alt-fluff player), Dwarven Holds, and Undying Dynasties. I am professionally trained as a historian and am attracted to factions that correspond to my favorite eras of our history. I love 9th Age for the freedom to create my own armies with whatever miniatures I want and the community of creating a project together.

Part of my hobby plans include finishing a Roman-themed Kingdom of Equitaine army and getting 4500 points assembled and painted for each faction I play. Right now I can only field SE and EoS as full armies and I still have much to paint in both.

My role within Community Engagement is creating YouTube and Twitch content. I started off chronicling the homebrew campaign my brother adapted for 9th Age with our friends and then transitioned into battle reports (inspired by Gene Phelps and his Wargaming from the Balcony channel). I've also composed a theme for EoS based on the Sunna Cycle and am planning on creating musical pieces for other factions as inspiration / time permits.
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