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About Me
About Me

How old are you?
Born in July, -98, 22 at the time.

Where are you from and where do you live right now?
From northern Finland, living in Oulu at the moment.

What do you do for living?
Studying computer science at the university of Oulu. Started my studies in 2017.

Since when are you in the Hobby?
I think I started around 2012-2013. First touch with Warhammer right at the end of 7th edition, started my own armies and playing during 8th edition.

How did you get into the Hobby and what have you done since then?
Introduced to the game at the start of 8th edition. Religiously played Empire ever since. Some dipping in other armies like Ogres and Kingdom of Equitaine.

Which armies do you play?
I have some Ogres and a huge Empire army. Empire also doubles as KoE with some KoE miniatures.
Testing various armies out on UB2 when I play on it.

Why do you support the 9th Age project?
The project keeps alive the old warhammer fantasy. I've tried Age of Sigmar and really did not enjoy it as much so this is what I stick with. Also most people I know play 9th age.

What is your personal role in the 9th Age project team?
Community support.
I gather opinions, thoughts and complaints on the ogre forums and then forward the ideas of the community.
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Jul 19th 1998 (22)
Oulu, Finland
Computer Science Student
Board games, Miniature games, etc