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About Me
About Me
Dark Elf player for 25 years! Then turned recently to be a Lady's follower

1. Name: Fabrice Ruard aka Babnik, Founder of FBJ club in Paris. Today one of most active clubs in France in terms of tournaments organisation and members involved in French ETC team.
2. In which Country do you play 9th Age Fantasy Battles? France
3. How long have you been playing 9th Age Fantasy Battles? Since the very beginning
4. At what level of 9th Age do you typically play? [Club, Tournament, International] My Club (weekly sessions with several ETC players), national and international tournaments, I launched the European Masters League last year with some events orgas fellows and we played throughout Europe
5. What ABs do you play? Dread Elf and Kingdom of Equitaine
6. How many games on average do you play a month? Minimum 4, up to 8
7. Do you consider yourself to have a particular playstyle? Nope, I love to experiment lists which require different playstyle
8. How much experience with using Universal Battles do you have? 0
9. Why are you interested in joining the Play Testing Team? To make my gaming time usefull for the community
10. What would make you a good member of the team? I am a project manager in real life, so I know how to work with a team and to help it growing and reaching their goals

I love playing challenging list concepts, means outside of current fashion box, I think it 's the best way to better understand internal/external balance of each unit.

And with Dread Elf and Equitaine, there are lot to think, analyse and share about!

Personal thought on 9th age:
"thank you Games Workshop for giving the opportunity to Warhammer players community to creatE 9th age. Now it is up to us to make it real, exciting and sustainable!!!"
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Playing and painting my Dark Elves and Equitaines old minis
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