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About Me
About Me
Veteran Roleplayer/Gamemaster, Amateur Wargamer, Greenhorn Writer

Hello!I am Max, Grad Student (Medieval History) from Germany,
Itook up Wargaming little more than a month ago (October 2019) when a friend ofmine introduced me to WHFB. Subsequently, I learned about the divide in thefantasy wargaming community following AoS and discovered the Ninth Age.
WhatI like about the project is that it endeavours to create a Dark Fantasy Settingthat reflects the values of Diversity and Equality and does not simply containitself with GWs brand of STRAIGHT WHITE GUYS SLAUGHTER INFERIOR RACES FOR ALLETERNITY-Narratives.
I enjoy creating unique, original narratives and background stories, and would love doing this for theNinth Age Project. I can write and edit texts, either on my own or in groups, andtranslate them into german, english, and, to a lesser degree, french.
Mychief qualities are a detailed understanding of stories and their components,experience with the writing and editing, and a vast background knowledgeconcerning polical, social, cultural and military history.
Inan average week, I could muster up 5-7 hours of work for the project, butstretch them out to 10 if needed.

I started collecting a Beast Herds Army of my own (which is more of a Warband right now), but have acess to vast ressources of Highborn Elves, Kingdom of Equitaine, Dread Elves, Sylvan Elves and Saurins through my friends.

I run a homebrew campaign for the Dark Fantasy RPG ZWEIHÄNDER, and write stories in simliar settings (but never finish any :/).

My hope is to become a fantasy author one day :)
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Mar 15th 1993 (29)
Freiburg, Germany
Grad Student (Medieval History)
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