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About Me
About Me
How did you come to the hobby? I started in the middle of the 90ies as a teenager with presumably every system the leading miniature company offered. But mainly Fantasy DE 4th ed. Then after leaving school and town I had a break for now about at least 10 years.

How did you come back to the hobby? Corona quarantine made me get my old abandoned project from the attic. KoE

How do you want to contribute to the hobby? Firstly I feel like the best I want to do is contribute myself in the local gaming community. I have a good gaming possibility in my home and want to offer this as a venue. It's easy to host at least two tables with terrain. With some arrangements also running a tournament will be possible.

How did you get your fighting name? There was a time in which I was quite well known in my area for my hybris. I always told my enemy: "Ich werde dich plätten" - "I will squeeze you!". And this always lead into a terrific defeat the other way round. I'm merely known for being the guy who leaves table without any miniature left around turn 5. I grew older but still I often have to leave the table before turn 6.

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