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About Me
About Me
Hello, my name is Thomas Clark and I am many years old. I was born in Sydney, where I live until now. I have many friends and acquaintances with whom I spend most of my free time. But sometimes I have mood swings when I feel sad and want to be alone in some quiet place. I think this is quite normal, because everyone has those moments. I like everything good and positive and when I have small problems, I always try to find positive things in them. I love helping the people around me and watching them become happy from my help. I like people who are kind, polite, honest, reliable and responsible, and when people are rude and aggressive, I try to avoid them.
My father is now 59 years old and works as a surgeon at the local city hospital. He very often stays late at work and comes home late at night. So he has very little free time to talk to me. But my father loves his job because he loves helping people.

I work as a designer, and I love my job. I love creating both images and designing websites.
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I also like games. Especially video games. And I also decided to try myself in T9A - to diversify my hobbies somehow. I'm still new here, so I hope everything will go well :)
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Nov 23rd 1989 (32)
North Sydney, NSW, AU
Cars, rock-music, girls, games