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About Me
About Me
My name is Richard Sebastian Pagel, my Warhammer fantasy & 40k nickname is Jaq Draco and I am from Berlin, Germany.

I started playing tabletop strategy games 1992 in the age of 9 with claymore saga, heroquest and starquest. I then ran Necromunda in 1995 and Gorkamorka in 1997 with friends due to not having enough money for a big armies. Most of them left gaming but I stayed and thus later started to play 40k in 1998 with the start of the 3rd edition with Blood Angels and warhammer fantasy 5th edition followed in 1999 with the new vampire armybook being released.

I also started to focus on tournament gaming in both 40k and WHF and also managed to become ETC champion in 2007 with Team Germany in 40k.

I stopped playing 40k in 2010 due to reasons and WHF too because of the 8th edition which probably was the worst edition of all and which almost entirely destroyed the WHF tournament scene back then, at least in Germany, with AoS doing this completely.
This is why I was always glad to see that t9a project coming up. Even thou it sadly is based on the 8th edition of warhammer I have hopes in this project to be or become a balanced game that Games Workshop in its final years up to now sadly did not have in focus anymore.

My 40k armies are Orcs Kult of Speed, Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, Eldar, Chaos

My WHF i.e t9a armies are :DH: :VC: :WDG_bw: :KoE:

Even thou I started with Blood Angels and Vampires, my 40k heart always belonged to Orcs while in WHF the dwarfs simply took me. Also I always liked that handicap/underdog playstyle you mostly had in competitive gaming with both armies and having a super fast army in 40k and a super slow army in WHF was a nice variation.
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Sep 21st 1983 (40)
Berlin, Germany