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About Me
About Me
What is a virtual number?
A virtual number is a non-physical SIM card that can only be used online to receive messages. One of the most famous virtual numbers is Google Voice. is the newest virtual number store that was opened in 2022. This store has been able to achieve high popularity in a very short period of time, the reasons of which include: cheap number, receiving the code again after a few months, receiving the code several times.

Is the virtual number dangerous?
If you use a free virtual number, you need to renew it after a few months, if you don't do this, your number will be given to someone else and that person can access all your information. But non-free virtual numbers are only for you and will not be given to anyone else.
shiznumber store has active support through WhatsApp.
Some of the best-selling virtual numbers of this store:
Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
You can also get shiznumber from Google Play