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About Me
About Me
Name: Diego "Arthain" Garcia

How old are you? 24

Where are you from? Madrid, Spain

What do you do for living? I am a medical doctor, currently preparing a national opposition to enter work into the National Health System by 6th Feb

Since when are you in the Hobby? I started at the age of 11 with Magic: The Gathering and Fantasy Battles. I had a 3 year gap from 15-18 and then rejoined the hobby (but not the MTG) when I started university, joining the ranks of the players that are (or try to be) competitive. At the age of 20 I discovered the ETC, and then became a FAQ member, Captain of the Spanish Team and lastly an ETC Chairmen in the 2015 season

How did you get into the Hobby? Initially I was given fantasy miniature models as birthday/christmas presents from my parents. When I joined the university I found and joined a wargaming and role-playing club which reintroduced me into the playing scene. Since then, I started knowing more and more players, clubs, playing groups, tournaments, hobby stores, and so on, until today, when I still keep expanding my hobby social sphere

Which armies do you play? I don't have big armies because I prefer the variability of starting new armies instead of expanding the ones I already have, and I focus on competitive choices (which due to the big imbalances of the past left many cool units out of my collection due to their un-competitiveness). I also proxy quite a bit, borrow and lend armies in a frequent basis, and use Universal Battle to allow myself a wider array of playing experience. I have played at some point all armies except both Dwarfs, but the ones I play most are BH, SA, and the Elven trio (which I own) and OK, WDG, EoS and VS (which I borrow oftentimes)

Why do you support the 9th Age project? I am not a fluff guy, but I love the strategy and tactics that Fantasy Battle allows. Even before the End Times debacle happened, I have looked for this in several other places ranging from computer games (Total War) to skirmisher boardgames (WarmaHordes), loose formations wargames (40K) and even ranked-formations wargames such as KoW and Warthrone. I couldn't find what I was looking for in either of this options, and when AoS happened, I started getting involved with some friends from the ETC and Swedish Comp scene, and we together started developing the 9th Age project. I think this project is the best alternatives to people looking to play into massed battles on a Fantasy setting, people who like me, don't quite find other alternatives in the hobby-scene as fulfilling as The 9th Age is, due to the lack of depth or tactical play. While I can and do appreciate a game of Infinity or Flames of War, The 9th Age is what fills me completely and you would call my "main" game.

What is your personal role in the 9th Age project team? I am moistly engaged with rules design. I try to have a game that has a good resemblance of the Fantasy setting we are used to, but at the same time gets rid of the miriad of similar-but-not-quite rules, this improving the access to the game by lowering the rules-lawywer entry barrier. I love to get rid of those pesky details that don't add any depth to the game, but they make it cumbersome with a lot of rules, FAQs, and weird interactions that the players must remember. So I focus on simplification, streamlining, and interaction, all while keeping the game deep and flavourful.

One of my key targets is to have an adequate depth/complexity and flavour/complexity ratio: Some rules add tactical depth and/or flavour to the game (such as Flaming Attacks, Regeneration), but some others add nothing or next-to-nothing and are just one special rule more to remember making thegame more complicated in a meaningless manner. This last kind of rules (such as Predatory Fighter or Always Strikes Last) often could be replaced by a slight profile alteration or using some other general rule, which results in a game as deep and flavourful, but less complicated.

As game design goes, I am not overly concerned with balance during the first steps of the rules development, since balance can be adjusted on later steps. The changes that I do are for the sake of simplicity, avoiding FAQs, avoiding as many exceptions as possible, avoiding duplicated rules (such as AP and Ignore Armour saves, which can easily be merged), avoiding excessive cross-references (Such as the "Extra Attack" special rule), avoiding "dead weight" rules (Such as Sea Creature), avoiding "blue-screen" situations when two rules collide, and overall have a game with a clean and clear design.
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May 15th 1991 (29)
Medical Doctor