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About Me
About Me
Living in Nancy (France), going through a huge painting backlog!
  • Tsuandan - 10k+ points (will also work as DE)
  • EoS - 10k+ points
  • BH - 10k+ points
  • WDG - 10k+ points
  • HE - 3k points with a stretch :)
  • O&G - 3k points with a stretch :)
Essence of War: BH, Tsuandan, EoS, KoE, WDG, HE, Church of Sunna, League of Cogs

Collection of all my patrols & armylists mods for Tabletop Simulator, to use with the dedicated Essence of War game on TTS!
Personal Details
Apr 12th
Nancy (54), France
Martial arts (MMA/Wing chun/JJB), industrial engineering, all types of music, food and drinks!