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  • from Vibevej 2, 8550 Ryomgaard, Denmark
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About Me
About Me
Name: Wilhelm Grøfte
born 1977
Living in Ryomgaard - Denmark
With wife and three daughters
Working in business law

I have played Tabletop since 1994 starting with Man o war and Warhammer 4. ed.
I was a pretty hard player when I was young (still are if goaded) but in recent years having a "good" game and the hobby aspect have taken a larger role - I want to have all armies painted and playable at + 15000 points (I am 12/18 at the moment). I still enjoy competitive gaming and play tournaments when I am able, but haven't been able to break the 30 games a year barrier since 2014.

I play and own all armies(including the old warhammer armies DoW and Kislev).

In Warhammer I managed to play all armies except Ogres and Dark elves at tournaments I have been to ETC with, Skaven(3), High elves, Empire, Dwarfs and beasts.

In 9. age I have played, DH, ID, EoS, OK, TK, VS and WDG at tournaments. I played DH at ETC 2016 OK in 2017, Eos in 2018 and TK in 2019.
Personal Details
Sep 9th 1977 (44)
Vibevej 2, 8550 Ryomgaard, Denmark