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About Me
About Me
I am Freddie, 31, Denmark, Aarhus. Wargaming since age 12, with occasionally fallouts due to RL. I WHFB i played all armies except HE. In 9th I have owned and played DH, VC, BH, WDG but mainly VS. I sold most of my armies in 2017/2018, but I'm back in the saddel with a glorious (monkey)rat army (and WDG). I will make a blog in 2019.

I was VS ABC up til 1.0, and now I returned more backstapping than ever. So if you have VS issues or need a good backstapping feel free to PM me, or pokemon summon me in the forum.

I support 9th because I believe much good can come out of it. (and because I can't stop for some reason... addiction I am afraid.)
Personal Details
8260 Viby, Denmark
Listening 'Teenage Dirtbag', 80ies teenage mutant ninja turtle fighting & training pokemon.