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About Me
About Me
- used to be called "piteglio"
- avid tabletop player (since the mid 90s)
- T9A staff member (since 2016, with a break)
- founder of Veil of the Ages (since April 1st 2019)

i love this game, and i want to share it with as many people as i can. i started by organising gaming groups, then i joined the T9A staff (tools, translations, moderation, quickstarter...), then i decided it was time to bring it to the next level, and started a company, a youtube channel, an instagram account and a facebook page to promote our amazing hobby.

if you too want to spread the word about T9A,
or if you're looking for new miniatures for your collection,
or if you like the idea of a T9A videogame, you can join our Patreon.

teaser video of the Fantasy Arena videogame

for those of you who like playing online, you can download our free expansion for TabletopSimulator. you'll find a Beginners path (to introduce new players to T9A) and and Advanced path (to play Arena duels with ~500pts characters). visit the link below, click Subscribe, create a Steam account (if you don't have one) and acquire a TabletopSimulator license (if you don't have one).

the download page for our free videogame

we will soon release our boxed set "The Breach". after fulfillment of our Kickstarter supporters, the game will be available in our online store.

teaser video for our successful Kickstarter campaign
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cologne, germany
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