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About Me
About Me

I am from Vienna/Austria and played Warhammer Fantasy Battles for 14 years. During the End Times I stopped (actually before the End Times because I thought the whole idea stupid and disliked the changes in fluff and game) with supporting Games Workshop financially and settled with painting my models.

For this fan-project, the 9th Age, I will return to the table and march to war once again.

I play Highborn Elves and own an army of Undead (but haven´t played them for a few years). I don´t think that I am a very experienced player but what I lack in knowledge I make up with passion. I grew up with Warhammer and loved to invent stories and rules around all kind of Elves as a child. Maybe this is the reason why I have never joined the End Times, 40k or Age of Sigmar. These systems might be fun but don´t have the emotional edge.

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Dec 13th 1988 (32)
Vienna, Austria
Medical Doctor, Pediatric Oncologist
Mountain Biking, Running, Triathlon, Shaolin Kung Fu, Photography, Medicine, Bonsai