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About Me
About Me
Sometime in the mid 90's i got involved in 4th and 5th edition Warhammer.
Went to University and dropped away from the hobby and sold all my old metal models.
After i had to stop playing Rugby in 2013 due to injury i wanted something to do at the weekend and eventually passed a shop and brought a box of models to paint in Spring 2014.
After mostly going through 2015 without painting anything due to THE EVENT i discovered the 9th Age, and was so impressed by the effort put in and the whole project that i was inspired to start up my painting.
I have a DH & DL force in various stages of completion (finished, painted but not finished, WIP, assembly and in box) but have loved painting and playing around with things all due to this project.
Although not a competitive gamer, the idea of a balanced base game means i feel i have alot more freedom in any games i play and any models i want to make or play with, and there is less redundancy or chances of mismatch to reduce any fun i might have.
Personal Details
Oct 2nd 1981 (40)
Old Steine, Brighton, UK
Primary School Teacher