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About Me
About Me
I am physics student approaching graduation. I played warhammer last during elementary school somewhere between 15 and 20 years ago. I played lizardmen and I remember my slann could kill the skaven horned demons in close combat lol.

Off and on I've looked in on the game of warhammer as a spectator and internet lurker. I've never really had an inclination to pick up the game again but I've always liked the beastmen and dark elves. Ever since I've heard of ninth age and that beastmen are getting attention I've been active in the forums and am seriously considering picking up the game again.

At the very least when I'm done with school I will be buying an account on Universal Battle and learning the game through that website. Maybe drag a few friends into it as well.

For someone with so little relevant game experience (the most important quality for judging the relevant worth of an opinion in this context) I try to be pretty active in the forum. This is mostly because I love game development in general and really want to see this project succeed and become something cherished by the community, even if I'm currently not part of it. I also think a fresh new perspective on your favorite game is something that is rather rare and in an internet forum I can take the time to logically think about what I say without having to speak from a place of total ignorance. My perspective is possibly unique on this forum and for that reason I think it has some limited value.

When reading anything I post please keep in mind that I have next to no game experience and that anything I offer should be judged within that context.
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Apr 15th 1989 (31)
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Too many to name. The most interesting and unique one is probably Tekken. I'm a tournament level Tekken player and main king/jaycee. This is where I get most of my knowledge about competition and how game balancing works in a real world tournament setting. It also informs me on how exactly one should approach trying to get better and how mentalities such as ego or pride can become barriers to success and post game analysis. Basically don't externalize your failures on your units or your luck if you want to see improvement.