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About Me
About Me
My name is Fernando Lanas, and I currently live in Santiago, capital of Chile. I am 31 years old, studied electrical engineering and currently working on a research center (Centro de Energía) from the “Universidad de Chile”.

An avid TK player, I started with them in the begging of 8th, after I got bored of my straightforward O&G army (which I had sporadically played since the begging of 5th and consistently from the end of 7th). The tactical challenge of using such a challenging army and the fluff (Non-evil undead!) convinced me to try them.

Shortly after, I joined the languid TK community and tried different and unorthodox ways to play the army to make it more competitive (which I think helped shake the community up) and improved the overall performance of most people there. I typically attend all tournaments around here, and I won most of them with my TK.

I decided to join the 9th Age project because it has so many great people working on it to make a great game for everyone, not only maintaining the fantasy spirit but create a living and balanced ruleset. The least I could do was add my grain of sand to this great project, so I am working as Community Support for UD, having discussions with the community how to best use our units, gather the opinions and maintain the UD community on good spirit.
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Apr 2nd 1985 (37)
Las Orquídeas 1151, Providencia, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Researcher, Electrical engineer.
Reading, Role-playing games, Board games, traveling.
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