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About Me
About Me
Master of theoretical wargaming. the worlds most renown armchair general in my house! Coupled with a strong interest and knowledge about swedish warfare in the late 17th and early 18th century it makes me the most competent person to discuss a game of toys! Probably.

Also, Severe case of hubris that not even Zeus can take away! :)

And I am generally quite friendly unless people are being wrong on the internet. :) If you somehow don't like my english grammar and spelling we can have the discussion in Swedish instead. your choice! :)

edit: BTW, I own and play ALL armies in the game. Except SE and ID. Se because of legacy hatred (I really really really hate wood elves) and ID because I don't like babylonian industrial dwarves. Regardless of system.

My main preference when playing is BH. I probably have more unpainted wildhorns than you have models in your entire collection. :)
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Youth councelor
Re-enactment, swords, boardgames, minature games, LARP and social sciences