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  • from El Perello
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About Me
About Me

My name is Claudi, i live in Perello, a little village in the south of Catalonia (Spain). We have a little comunity of players that we like modeling, painting and playing with miniatures.
I like paint and modeling my own miniatures.
Its very difficult but i like making my own miniatures at the start. One year ago i did a course of modelling miniatures with Juan Diaz (spanish scultor) and i learnd basic tecniques of sculpt miniatures .
Now a day i'm upgrading my skills making bat swarm i hope could make all a army with my hands at the future.…f833ca90a65fb7fb47c245e70

Thank you for reading this!
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Nov 20th 1979 (41)
El Perello
WH40k, x-wing,warhammer 9th age, pandemic legacy, arkham horror, eldritch horror,zomicide (black plague)....