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About Me
About Me

I grew up in Virginia USA just outside of Washington DC, still living in nearby Tysons Corner VA. Played for 20+ years at The Game Parlor (thank you Rob Weigend!) but now that they have closed I have moved to Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn.

I have been in miniature war gaming for 30+ years.

Fantasy Battles became my primary game when 4th Edition was released. I got interested in the tournament scene about 10 years ago and have been attending 4-5 grand tournaments a year mostly in the Mid-Atlantic region. I started with Orcs and shorly after added Bretonnians. Those two have always been my primary armies although I also own Tomb Kings, Empire, Orges, Dwarves, Rats, and Vampire Counts. When GW dropped Warhammer for Age of Sigmar I looked around for another system, I read a couple sets of rules and played about a dozen games of Kings of War before settling on The 9th Age as it was by far the more sophisticate rule system then, and has only gotten better since.

A good friend of mine has partnered with me in starting the "Wargaming from the Balcony" YouTube channel and blog.(see links in sig.) Draecarion stumbled across it and invited us to join the content team.
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1713-1727 Gosnell Rd, Tysons, VA 22182, USA
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