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About Me
About Me
Hi there,

I got into Warhammer at the launch of 6th edition (for Fantasy, 3rd for 40k) and was lead down this dark path by a group of guys who would become my lifetime friends. Since then I've seen players enter and leave, editions (and whole army factions) come and go, and started (but never finished) a ridiculous number of army projects.

In 7th I became extremely discouraged with the hobby, as a clear line existed between the armies of out group, with one side being competitive and the others more or less entirely outclassed. With the launch of 8th I was rejuvenated with the extremely interesting rulebook, and went all in with my Dogs of War and Empire, eventually dropping my High Elves as no new Core kits were released for them, and also getting fully into Warriors.

Moving into 9th Age, I originally ran my beloved Warriors of the Wastes, but have since become a devoted Infernal Dwarfs!

I've been a huge fan of 9th Age ever since I found out about and researched it. I'm hoping that it will do for others what so many years of Fantasy did for me, specifically provide a good ruleset and community of like minded people who can get years of enjoyment out of and inspiration for their models.
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Jul 21st 1984 (39)
8 Lesley Dr, Belleville ON, k8n-4g3
9th Age, tinkering.
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