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About Me
About Me
Hello peeps!
My name is Petter Wäss and I live in Helsingborg, Sweden, where I work as a reg. Nurse at the hospital.
I will be 28 years old (Gasp! Old man!) this summer and started wargaming somewhere aroud 3rd grade with a basic set of Warhammer models, though it took some years more before we started using the actual rules for what we had.

Had a long hiatus through my late teens and most of my adult life and started collecting again 4 or 5 years ago, quickly amassing large horsed of ID, BH and VC forces, despite the protestations of my wallet.

I currently main my ID, since no one else in my small club does so, but am also looking into fielding a KoE army soon.

I was pretty heartbroken and angry with GW for first desecrating and then destroying the Old World and got into 9th Age in an attempt to keep my small fantasy wargaming community alive and get in some games.

I will continue to update my painting/modelling blog as well as write Battle reports as time and money permits (as soon as a Mod okay's my first post :) )
Focusing mostly in KoE and some ID stuff so far.
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May 10th 1988 (34)
Direktörsgatan 15, 252 46 Helsingborg, Sweden
Reg, Nurse
Wargaming, reading, painting. Nerd stuff
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