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About Me
About Me
H. Jason Fudge

How old are you?
This many! (holds up 33 fingers)

Where are you from and where do you live right now?
Originally from Florida, I currently reside in the state of Kansas, city of Wichita

What do you do for living?
Crew Chief for the USAF. I fix planes.

Since when are you in the Hobby?
Ive played since 8th Edition, so I am not one of the Old Timers but Ive played hobby games for a lot longer, cutting my teeth on 40k

How did you get into the Hobby and what have you done since then?
Ive always been fascinated with Fantasy Battles, and when I had some money and time on my hands I decided to put together a skeleton army! 8th Edition was going strong and I actually saw some youtube battle reports and heard that my local shop hosted games, so I delved right in spending gobs of money and gluing my fingers together more than once.

I had played 40k back in the day, when I was 14, but hadnt touched tabletop gaming since then. But I enjoy...telling a story. And this game is one of the better ways to tell a tale of battles!

Since then Ive invested in Dropzone Commander (and dropfleet commander) and Ive tried other things like Kings of War and Malifeaux, but The 9th Age is my Main Game of Choice.

Which armies do you play?
Undying Dynasties, Warriors of the Dark Gods, Demon Legions, and Vampire Counts

Why do you support the 9th Age project?
Because I love the idea of a community driven and designed product, where we can all come together in a Marketplace of Ideas to fix what breaks and to break whats not fun so it can be fun :)

What is your personal role in the 9th Age project team?
I just became a member of the Conceptual Design team! Which means I design concepts. And smash faces. Well ok the Face Smashing part is kinda on my own time.
Personal Details
Jul 31st 1983 (37)
Wichita, Kansas
Crew Chief in the USAF
Smashing AND banging...or should I say, Smanging?
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