Juri Vacation

  • Male
  • 35
  • from Ul. Ferenščica XI 42B, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Member since Sep 10th 2015
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About Me
About Me
Jurica Korać

How old are you?
Born 1986.

Where are you from and where do you live right now?
I'm from and I live in Zagreb, Croatia

What do you do for living?
Working as an IT specialist. Also, I have Masters in Theology.

Since when are you in the Hobby?
Since 1999/2000. From elementary school.

How did you get into the Hobby and what have you done since then?
My friend brought me in. He bought some of the Bretonnian knights, and I've got myself: some Wardancers, lone sorceress, and a Dragon.

Which armies do you play?
Sylvan Elves exclusively. Elves from the Forest stayed my true army.

Why do you support the 9th Age project?

What is your personal role in the 9th Age project team?
Personal Details
Jun 5th 1986 (35)
Ul. Ferenščica XI 42B, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Masters in Theology; working as an IT Specialist
Tabletop and roleplaying games; NFL