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About Me
About Me
Hi all curious enough to check my profile. My name is sotiris, i am Greek with Italian roots and i was born at 1974 which now makes me...old. I used to be a computer geek, hacker and employee in numerous companies beginning from data analyst, reaching IT manager and upping my career as CIO. Have cooperated with some of the biggest world companies ( i don't know if i am allowed to put them down so i won't) which made me build conception towards various markets and now i' ve recently started my own business in the Technology Sector while doing a bit of business consulting in the maritime sector.
Plus i am already thinking to expand in Real Estate.
Married to beautiful Vassileia and father to a 2 year old which is my life!
Been playing WHFB since 2nd edition (...) and owning a whole basement of miniatures. All the armies there are or have been issued by GW and now by this project. Traveling 5-6 times / year to Europe to attend tournaments and having returned with some trophies.
My personal goals in this hobby are to win the best painted army in an Adepticon tournament and build an undefeated army list !
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