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  • from 4-8 Rue du Pont À Tan, 56230 Questembert, France
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About Me
About Me
I was 33 years old in 2015.
Living in France; Bretagne. I am graphic and webdesigner.
Playing WHFB in 4th / 5th edition and start again at the end of 8th edition.
I get 5 T9A army SE EoS VS, KOE and O&G. Almost 12000 points each time - 1.2 point system.
I draw some illustration for the project and manage the portal website.
I play go as amator, and love creating various game.
If I spent as much time playing as I do on the forum participating in the project; I would most certainly be an excellent T9A player.
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4-8 Rue du Pont À Tan, 56230 Questembert, France
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