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About Me
About Me
Born and live in zurich CH. I enterd in the hobby in 2015. buying and surching warhammer 8th edition books without knowing waht was happening in the hobby at the moment until i discovered T9A around christams( nice surprice). During 2016 i stay in Brazil for a little less then one year bringing a good part of my army with me to work on it.

Im working on quit a lot of KoE models. Togehter with the stuff that i own in my place in zurich and the part that i will buy wehn i back im going to have around 7000-7500 points. Yes wehn me and my best friend start a new thing then for real. I always wantet to get into it since im 12 but never actually made it. Until summer 2015 wehn i startet to talk with my friend about it. Less then three months later we wehre allready playing our first warhammer battle. - full of mistakes of course. until know i never actually played a T9A game yet but hell yeah wehn im back i will adict all my friends and play all day long.

Im looking forward to finish my army during the next year and start with my dream project after. Building a castle for my Duke. To play epic siege battles!
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Jan 10th 1993 (27)
Zurich, switzerland