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About Me
About Me
I'm Matt, I'm 22 and I live in the suburbs near Chicago, IL. I work part time in retail and I'm currently attending college. My college career is all over the place. First I went to music school, dropped out after a year (I like music but didn't have the passion needed to make it a career), took some time to figure out what I wanted to do and just this year seriously started pursuing film. I am absolutely loving it so far :)

I've been a fan of RPG's and fantasy for a long time, I remember being engrossed watching my father play his Troll in Everquest when I was 5. In middle school, my best friend recently had gotten into Warhammer and showed me his copy of White Dwarf. I was so excited by the Imperial Guard tanks and the space marine fluff. The idea of owning and controlling an army that existed in this deep world hooked me from the start. I am in the game from both a competitive and lore point of view. I greatly enjoy reading tacticas and developing army lists as well as reading up in fluff.

I started with 40k before becoming fed up with 5th edition and moved to fantasy. I disliked fantasy at first because the movement phase felt too restrictive, but now that I was more experienced I loved it for precisely that reason. I owned a smattering of models (I have altitis), but primarily owned and played Empire. In 8th's twilight days, I experimented with Dark Elf MSU lists and caught the pointy eared fever. GW then binned Fantasy. I rage quite, gave away some models, sold the others and moved on.

I first heard about The 9th Age from some Youtubers I was subscribed to. I was unsure how this project would turn out, and after about a year I decided to see what it was up to. I was amazed. The community was active and the rules were infinitely more balanced than 8th. I prefer to play armies that fight to create/preserve, so I checked out Highborn Elves. They had the "goodness", combined arms, infantry focus and shooting support of Empire with the superiority of Dark Elves. I haven't stopped playing Highborn Elves since.

I support the Ninth Age because I love miniature wargaming. Warhammer was by far my favorite miniature wargame, and any effort to maintain that community and better that legacy is one I am more than happy to support.

I am now a member of the Highborn Elves ACS. I hope my passion to understand the game, my writing and argumentative/mediation skills, my creative mind as well as my love of fluff will all allow me to do my part to support our community and create a quality tabletop wargame.

Favorite video games: Mass Effect 1 and 2, The Witcher 2 and 3, Dragon Age Origins, KotOR 2
Favorite anime: Kill La Kill, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Yuri on Ice
Favorite movies: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Big Lebowski, Memento, everything Tarantino, everything Kubrick
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Mar 25th
Chicagoland area