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About Me
About Me
Name: Can

How old are you: Born 1983

Where are you from: İstanbul-Turkey

What do you do for living?: Attorney at law - Lawyer

Since when are you in the Hobby? I was 22. I know it's a lit bit late for starting such a hobby.:D Before warhammer i was playing fantasy role play - based on ravenloft tales- Our Dungeon master moved on to Silicon Valley to Microsoft. Then our group has been splitted up. Therefore with my friend from this FRP group we started to play warhammer. Then we attended to the İstanbul Club Karargah İ

Which armies do you play? Only dwarves but i have vampire and dark elves armies too. I painted a bretonnian army for my friend either. I used to have a wood elf army too. But my case - whole wood elves army- has been stolen from my car therefore i couldn't paint another wood elf army..:( Sad story.. If i would have a chance i can play wood elves too..:)
Personal Details
Feb 1st 1983 (37)
9th age, 40k, bass guitar and tennis