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About Me
About Me
Hello there! I'm Paul, and I'm based in Scotland. My PhD is in Zoology and I currently work as a Research Assistant at Edinburgh University.

The 9th Age has been my gateway drug into the hobby after thinking about picking up 8th Edition only to find some other game in its stead. So I'm a pretty new war gamer, only being playing since January 2017. I currently play Warriors of the Dark Gods and Ogre Khans.

Along with @LostCause, I host Mad Git Radio, a 9th Age focused Podcast and have recently been brought into the fold as the Head of the Playtesting Team.

I love the social aspect to the hobby so I'm always keen to meet and hear from other 9th age players in my local area and from the online community so feel free to get in touch to get a game set up or if you just want to talk some 9th Age!
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West Lothian, Scotland
Research Assistant