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About Me
About Me
Hello all! I live and work in Springfield, OH. I've been here since 2005 when I moved from Dayton to attend Wittenberg University. I majored in English, minored in journalism, and pursued a 9-12 licensure all so that I could end up staying at the bicycle shop I worked at while in school. I've been in the cycling industry for 9 years now as a professional mechanic, retail shop manager, and buyer. The only thing I don't love about my job is working weekends, which puts a serious damper on my gaming time.

I've been playing tabletop wargames since '91 or so when my brother and I pooled our allowances to buy a Battletech 2nd Edition starter kit. We were immediately hooked, and WH40k 2nd and 3rd editions quickly followed. I moved away from the hobby in my early 20s while I pursued other interests but was pulled back in with the release of Warmachine. While attending a tournament, I saw a group of people playing Fantasy and became intrigued; I had always preferred high fantasy and low fantasy to sci-fi settings but didn't realize how active the Fantasy community in Ohio was. I began playing in 2008 by purchasing a High Elf army box, which quickly snowballed into a 5000 point army. After feeling like 7th edition elves were too easy to play, I began building a small Warriors army. Once I realized that the aesthetic and playstyle of Warriors was a much better match for me, the elves got sold to fund a larger army. Now, 8 years later, I have a gigantic army that allows me to field nearly any configuration I want. I've played high elves, dark elves, and vampire counts and the warriors have been the only army I've ever kept around for more than a few years.

When I initially learned of 9th Age I was skeptical, to say the least; the whole notion of a fan-made adaptation seemed like a non-starter to me and I assumed it would die a quick, fiery death fueled by egos and broken army books. I felt burned by GW for releasing AoS and killing off my beloved game, and that in conjunction with a changing lifestyle had me feeling like my tabletop gaming days were over. I no longer enjoyed assembling and painting models, and the release of X-Wing made me realize just how great a tabletop game could be and without the annoyances and time suck of the hobby aspect to boot. I prepared my army for shipping and was ready to put it all up on Ebay when a friend told me that he'd checked out the 9th Age and liked what he saw. That was early November of 2015 and, needless to say, I've been hooked ever since. I think what's being done here is an awesome service to the community and I truly believe it will develop into a recognized and widely adopted game in the very near future.
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Sep 16th 1981 (39)
15 Englewood Rd, Springfield, OH 45504, USA
Bicycle Mechanic, Shop Manager
Cycling (all types,) Wargames and Boardgames. Currently stoked on 9th Age and X-Wing.
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