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About Me
About Me
Started playing WHFB in 8th ed about three years ago. I love strategy games, maybe a bit too much. My friend showed me a rule book that seemed to require a law degree, and I was immediately intrigued.
Started working on Dark Elves upon reading their 7th ed book. 8th ed book solidified them as my primary.
Lizardmen are my secondary, so I'm particularly eager/nervous to see how that book is going : )
Converting and painting miniatures turned out to be way more enjoyable than I'd expected (still obsess over every detail of every model in a unit of 50). I'm eager to begin adding miniatures from other producers to my armies!

When the fall of WHFB became evident (pretty much all End Times content) I began making notes on how I would revision this game. I never expected to become an important part of an amazing project like 9th Age.
We would all hate to see the death of a game we love and have invested so much in.
The current version of 9th is already better than it was under GW, so why not seize the opportunity to help make it truly great?

I am one of the Dread Elves Army Support, as well as Dread Elves Army Book Committee.
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Aug 16th 1985 (35)
Hopkins, MN, USA
Disc Golf, Airsoft, Strategy Games
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