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About Me
About Me
I'm trying to finish painting my Beast Herds
I'v half finished my Vamps :)
I'd like to thank T9A for all their fine work on this project!!! you guys are my Heros
I'd like to thank Oncebitten360 for getting me into the game with his amazing 8thED and T9A Battle Reports
I'd like to thank anyone that "liked" my pics (I know the camera sux, I need a much better camera)
I'd like to thank the inventors of Beer, Dice and Green stuff

I also play Infinity (Haqqislame, Nomads), Warmachine (Khador), Hords (Leagon of Everblight), 40K (Dark Angles 19K pts. Crimson Slaughter 10k pts, Tau 2.5k pts) Magic the Gathering (Mad Foil Collector since 1999), Legend of the 5 Rings (Dragon/Crab Clan since 2004),League of Legends (2000+wins in PvP) and RPGs (D&D (L5R Books) & World of darkness( Werewolf the Forsaken, Mage the Awakening). might start streaming a "Chronicals of Darkness" Vampire game with friends very soon
Personal Details
Jan 22nd 1986 (34)
plastic fabrication/welding/molding
T9A (BH 4000pts,VC 1500), Infinity, Warmahords, 40K, MTG, Painting, Sculpting, RPGs, Drinking Lots of Beer, Wakeboarding