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  • from Enspännargatan, Hässelby, Sweden
  • Member since Sep 15th 2015
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About Me
About Me
  1. Name:
    Kaj Gyllinger
  2. Where are you from and where do you live right now?
    Västerås, Sweden
  3. What do you do for living?
    Studying political science
  4. Since when are you in the Hobby?
  5. How did you get into the Hobby and what have you done since then?
    Me and some friends decided to start playing during 2010. We found a local club and got into it. At the club they talked us into going to tournaments. 2011 I was invited to join the Swedish ETC-team.
    Since 2014 I'm ranked #1 in Sweden.
  6. Which armies do you play?
    I own DE, DL, KoE, ID and EoS but I play all armies, usually borrowing armies for tournaments.
Personal Details
Enspännargatan, Hässelby, Sweden