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About Me
About Me
Born in 1976

Introduced to Warhammer 40K back in '94 and been into miniature games ever since.

It was only recently, in the year 2015, when I started actively looking at other systems than those provided by GW.

Historical games interest me a lot. At this age when you and your gaming buddies have families and work you don't have that much opportunities to try and experiment with different rules. You play what the majority wants when by some miracle you can arrange a day for gaming which is ok for everyone. Thank God for the 9th age. My gaming group have all adopted this new game without resistance. So at least there's one game which I enjoy to play.

I'm a freelance screenwriter and full time postal worker in the logistics department of our beloved Posti Group Oyj. Maybe some day I can bring food to the table with writing alone. One can always dream.

The armies I play on the 9th age.

I have Warriors of the Dark Gods army which has been my main force since '98. To be honest I have not been very successful with it but I love the army none the less. One could think that I have really huge army collected for them but that is not the case. I'm quite a lazy painter and the army has been more or less in the same shape for years. T9A though has seen me introducing new units for my army. Pestilence has been my patron from the day one.

Saurian Ancients is my second biggest army. I was determined to use only Warhammer 5th ed era models for a long time. I have quite a stash of metal models acquired from various sources still waiting to be painted. Recently (3years ago) I acquired my friends whole Saurian army and decided that I'll paint them and throw the 5th ed agenda into the bin.

Beast Herds is my latest love. I've had some beasts before but I sold those away. Now I have a full army painted and I'm loving it. I plan to expand my army to werewolf theme with Frostgrave gnoll models which were just released in this summer of 2016.

I'd like to do at some point Infernal Dwarves, Vampire Covenant. Terracotta UD, Barrow Kings UD, Ogre Khans and maybe return to Highborn Elves as those were my first fantasy army in the year '95. Everyone has their elven period at sometime in their youth, right?
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Nov 17th
Postal worker and freelance writer
The 'usual'. Miniature wargames, video games on console and pc, graphic novels, history, books, gym, martial arts