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About Me
About Me
I've been playing WHFB since 2010, the middle of 7th ed.

My main armies are Highborn Elves, Saurian Ancients, and The Kingdom of Equitaine. I have about 20k HBE, 12k SA, and 16k KoE. The next big project is a Kislev-inspired force, but since T9A doesn't currently have a similar faction they'll probably count as EoS. I also have a small O&G army (3K) with plans for small Ogre Khans and Beast Herds armies.

I'm more of a collector and gamer than a painter or hobbiest, but I do enjoy all aspects of of the hobby. I even do a little sculpting every once in a while.

In a more serious attempt to field a FULLY painted army, my current project is a Russian/Slavic themed human army based on the old GW Kislev models. Trying to go one unit at a time.
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Sep 3rd 1987 (34)
411 Fir St, La Grande, OR 97850, USA
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Hunting, Football (American), Basketball, Wargaming (duh), and spending time with my wife.