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About Me
About Me
Hi, I'm Rodrigo! I was born in 1981 in BraziL, currently living in Canada (near Toronto).

While looking for a job in biotechnology, I currently work as technical translator in biomedical sciences and as assistant superintendent for my apartment building.

I started painting Space Marines in 2008, which I discovered in German hobby shops while a friend of mine looked for LoTR miniatures.

Another friend of mine had been trying for years to get me and our friends to play wargames, but in Brazil there was nothing of it. When I returned from Germany, I brought GW painting sets for some of my friends, which got them excited. Then we discovered an artist who also loves wargames and does copies in lead. We got our armies and it all started! I began with War40k, then got into WFB, moved to Canada, tried Warmahordes, Infinity, Dust and X-wing. With GW's decisions, lack of nice people to play games with and general lack of time/vehicle, nowadays I content myself to be an enthusiast online, assembling and painting my miniatures and occasionally playing Kings of War on Universal Battle.

My army is the Vermin Swarm.

I support the 9th Age project because, in my opinion, it's the most well-organized spiritual successor out there, and the material released is of high quality. The organization of so many people into a large effort in so little time is admirable, and I wanted to contribute, as a way to give back to the wargaming community in general, which has helped me to learn how to paint, model, game better...

My role is to review documents and make sure they read well in (British) English and conform to T9A's guidelines.
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Oct 25th 1981 (39)
129 Bold St, Hamilton, ON L8P, Canada
Job seeker in biotechnology, scientific translator, assistant superintendent
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