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About Me
About Me

My name is Dick (34), but my brothers call me Digger.

I have been playing Warhammer since 3rd edition, thanks to HeroQuest.
Played many miniature-games such as Fantasy Warriors, Flames of War, 40K, Hordes, Blood Bowl and many more, i always come back to Warhammer, because here in Holland it offers a strong community.

Armies i own & play:
Beast Herds, Daemon Legions, Dread Elves, Dwarven Holds, Empire of Sohnstahl, Highborn Elves, Kingdom of Equitaine, Orcs & Goblins, Vermin Swarm, Sylvan Elves and Warriors of the Dark Gods.

If we cannot make a good game ourselves, we shouldn't expect the stockholding companies to fare much better.
Perhaps companies such as Mantic/GW take a few of the gems created here and produce it for us en masse.
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Feb 28th
Utrecht, Netherlands
LotR, Warhammer, Philosophy, boardgames