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About Me
About Me
Hello, My name is Stuart. I'm a 26 year old university student earning a Specialization degree in the field of Paleontology. I've been a dedicated Lizardmen (Reptilians) player since 2010 when i got my first Stegadon model from an player exiting the game and have loved the game & the models ever since. I have built my army up to 3000 points.

Since the End Times, I've felt very lost in the hobby, not knowing where anything in Fantasy was going, and the new Age Of Sigmar has done little to interest me. Since September 12, I've been following the forums on 9th Age and have found its beta rules to be the answer to many issues plaguing 8th Edition and wish to see this rule set come to fruition in any way possible.

My role on the 9th Age project team is to update the lexicon with new information on army specific rules and eventually make sure the pages have adequate links to related lexicon pages. My secondary objectives are to play-test the new Reptilians army rules with a fellow gamer and friend who plays Elves of Nature, in which I will post comments, suggestions and play-testing info for that race as well.
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Edmonton, AB, Canada
University Student