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About Me
About Me
I grew up with WHFB - playing 4th and 5th edition as a youngster. I then left the hobby alone for many years and didn't return until the very end of 8th. I saw the craziness of End Times and then the completely devastating release of AoS. I nearly turned my back on this hobby - but along comes the 9th Age to the rescue!

I mainly focus on Dread Elves - having spent much time immersing myself in the history, lore, fluff and gameplay of these nasty pointy eared felons. Although I'm building out a solid Ogre Khans army, and speculating at the next UD or VC collection.

I live in Amsterdam, NL and have been participating in the lotrutrecht.net monthly tournaments these past few months and for sure I'll be there as regularly as possible. Let me know if you happen to be in the area and fancy a match! Anything's possible :)
Personal Details
Jul 4th 1985 (36)
1055KT Amsterdam, The Netherlands
IT Software Development
All the miniature stuff of course, League of Legends and DJing to boot